Venator, Swan 65 Yacht

Our brief for this particular venture was not a typical Sims Hilditch project, however the prospect of creating a stylish yet practical home aboard a newly-restored Swan 65 Yacht was something that truly excited us.

A plan was formulated to ensure the boat exuded style and fluidity in light of her abnormal architectural structure and limited space, this being predominately achieved through keeping the colour palette simple and using particular materials. Moreover, we wanted to retain the traditional elements of the boat, such as the tan teak wooden boards, whilst introducing a contemporary and elegant twist. This was accomplished by using coastal-inspired fabrics and colours such as white painted joinery below deck, soft blue linen upholstery and cream cashmere throw. These materials not only offered comfort and practical functionality but ensured a tranquil solace for her passengers.

Venator has a classic feel with lots of teak wood down below, contrasted with white ceilings and painted joinery in the cabins. For the upholstery, we used a combination of linens and cotton including a favourite stripe in Aqua from William Yeoward and bespoke hand-embroidered cushions from Chelsea Textiles.

Emma Sims-Hilditch

Everything on a boat moves and can be seriously thrown around by wind and weather. The interior fit-out of Venator was very well considered for safety and practicality. We made sure that joinery edges were not sharp, and fittings were secured. Space is a premium and therefore the design utilised every square inch.