Surrey Lake House

'Warm, inviting and incredibly cosy’ were just a few of the words used by our client to describe her dream home. Sitting in the heart of the Surrey countryside, this beautiful Lake House is a charming home that truly encapsulates our signature ethos.

Filled with exquisite period features, this property is the perfect blend of country style with contemporary undertones, and most importantly, it centres around family life. Our clients love to cook and spend the majority of their time in the kitchen; we envisioned a space that suited the whole family with space for the children to work and play. Led by the beautiful surrounding countryside, we chose a muted palette of grey and blue that feels both timeless and elegant.

Our clients wanted a home that was family-focused but also luxurious enough to entertain and host friends. By sandblasting all the beams to the main entrance of the house, we flooded the previously dark space with light, which made a dramatic impact. Key family-centric features include bespoke joinery with plenty of storage and reconfiguring the layout of both children’s bedrooms. By removing a mezzanine in the child’s bedroom, we opened it up with natural light and completely transformed the mood and atmosphere.

From cosy nooks and original beams to the airy bathroom complete with decadent bathtub, every inch of this property feels warm, lived-in and intimate, and will no doubt be a cherished home for many years to come.

Emma Sims-Hilditch