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Why Hire An Interior Designer?

Choosing to hire an interior designer can be a challenge. Whether you’re a creative yourself but don’t have the time to execute your project or feel that handing over responsibility for your home is a daunting prospect, a professional interior designer is certainly an investment worth considering.

Interior designers are experts in their field and – much like a dentist, doctor or lawyer - they will ensure that the task at hand is treated with the utmost care and attention, using their skills and expertise to achieve the best results. Here is what you should expect from your experience.

A focus on interior architecture as well as design

A great way to understand the difference between interior architecture and interior design is to visualise turning a house upside down and shaking it; anything that falls out is considered part of the interior décor. Everything that remains is usually the interior architecture.

It is often assumed that an interior designer’s role is limited to sourcing furniture and soft furnishings. Indeed, this is a significant part of the process, however many practices also consider the architectural elements of a home in their design service. This looks at the bones of a property and how these might inform the restructuring of the spatial planning, the installation of bespoke joinery and sympathetically adding on or removing elements as required – always adhering to the appropriate guidelines. If you are dealing with the refurbishment of a listed building, your chosen design team should include an architect to guide you through the planning process. At Sims Hilditch, we work with some brilliant architects and are happy to provide recommendations for our clients.

A considered approach to intelligent design

A good interior designer will consider the needs of their client and design an interior accordingly. Functionality is key, so look for a practice that champions planning the practical elements of the home. This would include devising clever storage solutions, maximising space, layering of texture to create character and - most importantly - respecting the history and heritage of the building.

Televisions are often something that require consideration as clients sometimes wish to conceal them when not in use. At Sims Hilditch we enjoy finding creative ways to make them invisible. The result is a holistic and beautiful interior that feels like home.

Your ideas brought to life by an experienced team

A professional designer will take note of their clients’ likes and dislikes as well as their needs and requirements for daily living and incorporate this into the interior design. When choosing the right practice, it is important to find somebody who you connect with and who understands your home. The relationship that you will develop over the coming months will be a special one, so it is important that your personalities and objectives are compatible.

Once you have found the practice for you, feel free to share any inspiration that you have accumulated on Pinterest or Instagram to help them to understand your style. Take advantage of your designer’s many years of experience and let them guide you in your design decisions – this can help you to avoid expensive mistakes such as incorrectly wiring the lighting or placing plug sockets in locations that aren’t practical.  Once an initial concept is established, the interior design team will use their unique network to begin turning your vision into a reality.

Help with investing in your home for posterity

By investing in an interior designer, you are investing in the value of your home in architectural modifications and timeless, high-quality design.

A quality interior designer will offer access to the best contractors, craftsmanship and suppliers who can make and provide pieces for the home that will last a lifetime – arguably one of the best things you can do for the environment. Investing in a comfortable bed, quality sofa and kitchen or dining room table is a very satisfying experience. These pieces are integral to the rooms where families spend most of their time, so are ideally made to last.

Safeguard your time and relieve stress

Building projects can be stressful if not properly managed. A skilled interior design team can help to mitigate this and make your project an enjoyable experience. Great sourcing, expert help with colour, clever space planning and careful budgeting will allow the process to be memorable for all the right reasons.