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How to Create an Autumnal Interior

As November arrives, we have long since said goodbye to the vibrant greens, pinks and blues that covered the English countryside during the summer months, embracing instead the textured yellows, oranges and browns that abound today. Our Founder Emma Sims-Hilditch explores how to capture the essence of autumn within our homes this year, taking inspiration from nature and cultivating cosiness at every turn.   

Be Bold with Colour

Despite the cold, the deep and varied colours that autumn brings seem to exude warmth, homeliness and sanctuary, something that we emulate in our designs. Rich reds, warming terracottas and soothing browns on the walls of  small, dark, north-facing rooms create a safe and cocooned effect - the perfect spot to enjoy a hot drink after a long country walk. Not every room needs to be fully repainted to achieve this. For a kitchen, consider painting one wall to add a burst of warmth in what might otherwise be a stark and uninviting space.

While it is fun to experiment with bold colours, it is important to be deliberate with your design choices when creating a palette. Make sure the colours chosen are balanced with soft neutrals where possible. If everything in the room is bold then, perhaps surprisingly, it no longer has an impact.

Be Purposeful with Decor

Of course, not everyone can or will want to repaint their walls to bring about seasonal change. An alternative can be achieved by simply updating the soft furnishings of a room. Having cushions that are upholstered in velvet or wool, for example, are perfect for the colder seasons and can be easily re-covered with textured linen when spring and summer arrive. Cushions are also an opportunity to include some interesting patterns into a scheme, such as plaids or contemporary geometrics.

In terms of decorating a bedroom, this should be a place of respite so scatter cushions and rugs in a range of paler shades which pick out the softer hues of autumn work well here. The playful pattern and soft colours of the rugs that make up the Una Collection that we created in partnership with Tim Page Carpets earlier this year would be ideal.

Holistic Design

Another simple way to add warmth to a room is to change its lamp shades from a neutral design to a richer, deeper shade. Consider connecting all forms of lighting in a sitting or family room to a 5-amp dimmer switch to allow for the atmosphere to be easily adjusted as the nights draw in. Sight, sound and smell are all equally important in interior design and work in tandem to create the welcoming atmosphere that we strive for in our schemes.  Small touches like a sandalwood diffuser and a crackling fire, while subtle, help to create an interior that feels like home.

Embrace Nature

Nature is an endless source of inspiration and abundance when designing and decorating an interior, sometimes bringing the outside in quite literally. Architectural branches placed in a ceramic pot bring a natural drama and warmth to a space. Indeed, natural decoration is also an excellent place to play with scale. Going oversize on a log pile can turn an innocuous part of a sitting room into a subtle piece of decoration. Nothing is as inviting as a log burner alight in a cosy sitting room, with a large pile of logs nearby to keep it burning.