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Three Imaginative Ways to Lay Tiles in the Home 

We partnered with Marlborough Tiles to design and launch the Ana Collection in 2022, a range of wall tiles in five gentle colourways that are ideal for a city or country home. Here are three imaginative ways to be creative with your tiles this Spring:

A Chequerboard Design

Laying a lesser-used chequerboard pattern instead of a block design on your chosen wall or surface is an unexpected but interesting addition to a room. If laying tiles outside, a soft green colourway in a delicate pattern blends seamlessly with the natural surroundings, creating a balanced and timeless aesthetic that will not date. 

Tiling a Windowsill

Adding a splash of colour into a space that is designed to be calming must be carefully considered. The danger is that if the shade is too bold then it will shatter the relaxing aesthetic. We introduced an amber colourway into this master bedroom and ensuite by tiling the shelf next to the bath and the upper of the vanity. This not only brings a hint of warmth into the space but creates a feeling of cohesion throughout.  For an ensuite with a shower, a feeling of flow can be fostered by extending the tiling out into the wider room, surrounding the window.

A Pillar Design

A backsplash in the kitchen or utility is hardly an unusual place to find wall tiles, so to add an element of originality we chose to be playful with the layout by creating two charcoal pillars of colour rather than one continuously repeating pattern. Not only does this design look striking, but it helps to reduce the overall cost of the tiles by using a plain design to fill in the spaces. Alternatively, consider tiling part of the backsplash and using tongue and groove panelling on the upper wall or on the ceiling. This adds an attractive country aesthetic to the space that softens the glazed finishes of the tiles. 

Read more about the story behind the Ana Collection here, or contact Marlborough Tiles to find out more.