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Introducing Sims Hilditch x Mahala Textiles

We are delighted to share our most recent collaboration, Sims Hilditch x Mahala Textiles. A shoppable collection of furniture upholstered in exquisite Mahala Textiles fabrics curated by Emma Sims-Hilditch. Now available to buy exclusively on our website

Where possible, Sims Hilditch works with locally based designers and dealers whether established or up-and-coming. “As a studio, we're always on the lookout for talented British craftspeople," adds Creative Director Louise Wicksteed.

One of the most recent finds has been Mahala Textiles. The Hampshire-based textile designer creates timeless, hand-block and screen-printed linens as well as woven ikat and embroidery. Each design is inspired by global travel, traditional techniques and craftsmanship. A further point in favour: they commit to reducing the amount of water used in the production process of our fabrics and work with charity: water to redirect 2,800 litres of clean water per metre sold to those who need it most.

Alexandra Morrall, Mahala Textiles

"I know how bewildering it can become to look through endless pattern books, paint charts and furniture shops: it doesn't take long before instinct begins to go blurry and decisions become harder and harder to make," explains Emma. “With this launch, the idea is to pull together designs and colours that we know from experience will work well together. If someone is looking to update their sitting room, they'll be able to come to our website and find some ready-made combinations at their fingertips."


The first Sims Hilditch x Mahala Textiles pieces to launch are the Emma Collection with George Smith. Dressed in a colour palette of denim blue and berry red, timeless and chic. The combination is inspired by two of Emma’s favourite places: the Hamptons in Long Island and the rural cabins and cottages of Sweden. “So much of my inspiration comes from my travels. The deep indigo blue and crisp white so often found in the Hamptons looks elegant throughout the year, regardless of the season. The red painted on Sweden’s country houses—specifically known as Falu red—has been a constant symbol of pastoral life in Sweden for the last century. Together, this palette feels very optimistic, pretty and at ease whether in city, country or coastal schemes.” - Emma Sims-Hilditch

Mahala Textiles Thalia in Gustavian Blue/Red forms a foundation point for this collection. A hand-screen-printed fabric featuring pomegranates, berries, flowers and foliage. Both the colours and traditional five-layer screening process make it a perfect accent fabric for an armchair. “There is a trend for Indian block prints at the moment which takes me back to a happy time I spent working in India after leaving school,” says Emma. “I love that the patterns and processes haven’t changed in hundreds of years and this design points to our love of nature. As a studio, we’re surrounded by nature and constantly watch the seasons change.”

We would recommend pairing Thalia with the Zari Paisley in Blue. This is a luxurious woven jacquard that draws inspiration from the patterns found in antique Kashmiri shawls and is woven from 100% Better Cotton Initiative. “This pattern, could act as a semi-neutral in the room, and ideal for our Emma Ottoman” adds Emma. A final pattern to introduce is the Ikat Stripe in Gustavian Blue. This bold woven Ikat would work well on a sofa or armchair.

"We're thrilled to collaborate with the esteemed interior design firm Sims Hilditch, celebrating the harmonious blend of craftsmanship and design excellence. Sims Hilditch’s expertise in creating timeless interiors and our commitment to crafting enduring textiles have resulted in a collection that exudes elegance and quality. Seeing our textiles beautifully upholstered on these George Smith pieces, thoughtfully designed and curated by Emma Sims-Hilditch, brings us immense joy."