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Which White Paint Should I Choose?

At Sims Hilditch we are huge advocates of using colour to create an elegantly timeless aesthetic within the home. Vibrant tones like teal and burnt paprika work well as accent colours to introduce atmosphere or drama, however, the key to creating a calming and stylish interior that remains timeless lies in the choice of whites.

With an abundance of options available this may seem an overwhelming task, so we have created a shortlist of our favourite white paints which can be used on walls, ceilings and woodwork and split them into three categories (Beach House, Townhouse and Country Home).

Beach House

In order to achieve a classic aesthetic, we recommend a combination of timeless whites from Farrow and Ball.

A fresh and simple white, All White is a great choice to use when painting the ceilings and woodwork of any coastal property. To add contrast, paint the walls in a darker shade like Shadow White, or for a moodier look try School House White on the ceiling and woodwork and Hardwick White on the walls. This palette is classic, timeless and very versatile and it strikes the perfect balance between warm and cool tones.


Neptune has some beautiful whites available, and two of our favourites are Silver Birch and Shell. Silver Birch is a lovely pale grey-toned white which looks great on panelling. The slightly lighter-toned Shell is a good all-round white – not too stark with the right amount of tone, making it ideal for use on the walls of a welcoming reception area. We often choose Shell to paint ceilings and use it frequently in our projects. We used Silver Birch on the walls and Shell on the ceiling of the entrance hall below. 

For whites that work well in both a contemporary or a country home, we tend towards more earthy tones. Woodwork and ceilings look fantastic in the beautifully fresh Wimborne White with a hint of pink by Farrow and Ball, or Dimity which is a red based neutral. Oxford Stone is a good choice for an accent colour to give the room a lift, and can be painted on wardrobes, furniture and bathroom vanities. These work particularly well in farmhouses, reception rooms and feminine bedrooms as they create a warm atmosphere.

Country Home

For country properties, an earthy white is a lovely choice. These shades are very easy to live with, and Farrow and Ball's Old White and Off White are some of our favourites. Such tones can be used to create a contemporary aesthetic, or to nurture a timeless and elegant style. The walls of this country boot room look great in Old White and the skirting, cornices and ceiling of a room lend themselves well to Off White.