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Introducing Henry Hird, CEO for Sims Hilditch

As Sims Hilditch begins its next chapter of expansion and growth, we’re delighted to announce the appointment of Henry Hird as CEO.

Henry is a leading marketing and strategy consultant who established his own business after several years of heading up marketing for companies including Ralph Lauren, JLL and Jack Wills. Based in Hampshire, with a foothold in London, he’s excited about establishing Sims Hilditch as a world-renowned design studio.

Henry Hird, CEO Sims Hilditch

"There is so much to celebrate here at Sims Hilditch. We have an enormous amount of creative and organisational talent in our forty-strong team, the projects we design are second to none and I’ve been blown away by the robust process and delivery of which the team are capable. Our clients are extremely loyal and their feedback is indicative of just how much they appreciate the results. It’s all here—my job is just to bring this all together and grow greater awareness of the brand."

"What Emma and the team have achieved so far has been very impressive organic growth. Since it was established in 2009, Sims Hilditch has become synonymous for the ability to design an English aesthetic for a new era and for delivering knock-out projects with unmatched efficiency and rigour.''

"We haven’t communicated loud enough about who we are, what we can do for clients and what we can achieve. That’s where I come in."

Henry Hird, CEO
The White Hart, Sims Hilditch Design Studio

"While Emma remains very much creatively involved, my role is to leverage her boundless inspiration and ambition, to champion the brand to a wider audience in the UK, Europe and America, and to continue to attract new, diverse talent to work on the expanding team."

17th century Cotswold Manor House

“What I see in the Sims Hilditch studio is a simmering dynamism. As we grow, we’re continuing to evolve, push designs and embrace a wider aesthetic which is rooted in the English countryside yet can bend and flex to suit a variety of environments, cities and, indeed, countries. My responsibility is to establish a strategy and direction—a north star, as it were—that will take the team to the next level and place Sims Hilditch firmly among the most highly regarded interior design studios in the world.”


We are all very excited to welcome Henry to the Sims Hilditch team.

The White Hart, Sims Hilditch design studio