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The Sims Hilditch Ultimate Guide to Christmas Decorating

Are you getting tired of hanging the same old Christmas decorations year after year? Our designers have compiled a list of simple and effective tips for using festive foliage to help bring your interior to life.

The Christmas Tree

Whether you prefer real or faux, we have plenty of ideas to help make your tree pop. Forage for foliage locally (making sure you stick to your garden or non-private land.) If this is not possible then visit a local florist. Dried ferns and eucalyptus are favourites of ours and work particularly well when prodded through a faux tree. This hides large spaces and gaps, creating a full and festive aesthetic. Cow parsley is also great for adding a twist to your tree and can be used interchangeably with other foliage.

The Swag

Instead of a buying a Christmas wreath, why not gather the offcuts from your tree? Collect them in a bunch and tie them together at the base using a piece of string. Of course, if you have a faux tree then you can gather or purchase fir branches from elsewhere. You might like to thread faux foliage throughout your swag, or perhaps some Christmas baubles or bells. This is simple and effective, and looks wonderful secured to your front door.

The Ceiling Arrangement

We have been playing around with hanging festive foliage from the ceiling in our Cotswold studio and in our Founder’s Wiltshire home this year. Forage (or purchase) two large branches and secure them together end to end with zip ties. Hammer four (or more) nails into the ceiling beams, or anywhere which is suitable in your home, and hang the branches from the ceiling using twine. Drape ivy or mistletoe across the branches to add an extra Christmassy touch.

Natural or Faux?

While it’s lovely to use plenty of natural foliage in your Christmas decorating, the importance of faux shouldn’t be underestimated. Not only can faux can be reused time and time again, but it is endlessly flexible and can be molded to fit into vases, pots and arrangements of any size and style. For those who don’t like the ‘fake’ look, you might be surprised by the excellent quality of some of the foliage available today. When paired with real, you can hardly tell the difference.

So, which foliage should you choose?

Some of the foliage, both real and faux, that we have threaded through our studio in the past and this year include:

  • Ivy
  • Eucalyptus
  • Dried Ferns
  • Firs
  • Holly
  • Dried Hydrengeas

Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.