Primrose Hill Townhouse

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The brief for this handsome London townhouse was that it should not feel like a typical London home, but should also reference our clients love for the English countryside.

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6 Sims Hilditch Primrose Hill Townhouse

The design needed to fulfil the practical functionality of an easy-to-run home for someone working long hours in the City, while also being a welcoming retreat at weekends.

Our clients love blue tones on the warmer side of the spectrum. By juxtaposing blues with rich, brown shades, we accentuated that feeling of comfort.

7 Sims Hilditch Primrose Hill Townhouse
9 Sims Hilditch Primrose Hill Townhouse

Texture was important in order to add character to the space, so we introduced special touches, such as the linen wallpaper in the study and the heavy, embroidered damask in the drawing room.

10 Hero Banner Bottom Primrose Hill Townhouse