16th Century Manor

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Dating back to 1555 this beautiful Grade II listed Manor has both an impressive history and a fascinating human story.

Having been owned by a particular family for some generations, it was sold by the current owner’s grandmother when he was just a boy. He vowed that as an adult he would buy back the house which had brought him so many happy childhood memories – a goal which he recently achieved much to the delight of his family. We were thrilled to be approached by the family to help restore the house to its natural grandeur. We began by stripping away to rediscover original features, such as beautiful wooden panelling and magnificent stone fireplaces, which had become lost under layers of incongruous decoration.

"Our top priority is to ensure the house feels lived in and homely. Even if we are starting from scratch with no personal possessions, we look to ensure the house feels like it has evolved over time."

Emma Sims-Hilditch
Sims Hilditch 16th Century Manor Interior Design and Architecture 22

Our clients wanted a graceful yet contemporary feel which we achieved by using a light colour scheme and natural materials. Working within a relatively tight timescale, we designed bespoke furniture and upholstery to best complement the property’s generous proportions. The family were delighted with the result, saying the house has reclaimed its natural elegance with an added injection of modern energy.