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At Sims Hilditch, we appreciate that not all properties require structural alterations or interior architectural support. We pride ourselves on our versatility and as such, our experienced design team are pleased to work with our clients to freshen up the furniture and finishes within their homes.

To look at this service in more detail, we talk to Gemma Holsgrove, one of our talented Associate Designers overseeing the initiative:

Sims Hilditch 16th Century Manor

1. What are the biggest challenges when it comes to Interior Decoration and how can these be managed?

The biggest challenge that many people face when starting a project is identifying an ideal vision of how a room or home should look and feel in its entirety, but with little understanding of how this might work in practice. The first thing to do is ascertain what it is that you like about your vision: is it the colour, the lighting, the furniture style? All of these things can be a really good starting point. Once this has been pinpointed then you can start to build on this by exploring Pinterest and Houzz. At Sims Hilditch, we encourage clients to save many images and annotate our brochure so that we can start building up a bigger, more complete picture of their likes and dislikes. This then helps us to identify the overall aesthetic and develop the design.

Family Home Seating Area
Family Home Kitchen

2. In terms of Interior Decoration, what are the most important aspects to consider when designing a room?

  • Lighting - Is the room North facing, or naturally quite dark? If so, you might want to play to this; painting a room bright white will not suddenly make the space feel lighter. Start to explore colours and different lighting options as these will be key to making the most of the room’s existing features. Top tip - don’t be afraid to use dark colours!
  • Focal points – An eye-catching feature will help to orientate a room to make the most of the space. This can be a great excuse to have some fun by incorporating oversize, ornate or elaborate pieces into a relatively modest design. These can be fireplaces, chandeliers, or even double doors leading to the garden.
  • Existing constraints – Interior Decoration doesn’t always mean stripping everything out and starting again. If you have a carpet or a light fitting that you really like then plan your design with this in mind.
Oxfordshire Home Living Room Design

3. How do you approach incorporating colours, textures and materials into your designs? Are there any signature Sims Hilditch 'go-tos'?

Colour is back, and as designers we are loving it! The key is to find a good balance between colour and texture. Analogous colours (those that sit next to each other on the colour wheel) is where we would naturally start. For example, when thinking about the colour green our instinct is to put a lovely yellow / ochre or a calming blue next to it to subconsciously please the eye. However, do not be afraid to introduce a hint of a contrasting colour like pink to add a little interest.

Texture comes in many forms: a sisal rug, a chunky linen armchair or even the pleated skirt of a valance. From a designer’s perspective this is a great way to bring a room to life, but don’t be tempted to include too many textured materials as they begin to fight each other and this can ruin the aesthetic.

Alun Callender Photo Sims Hilditch 0156
Sims Hilditch Surrey Lake House 47

4. Many of us see home as our personal sanctuary and a place we can keep safe, happy and healthy. How can Interior Decoration work to meet these needs, and how can Sims Hilditch help?

The best way to create a happy home in terms of interior design is to think of a house as a whole when planning an interior. Having a common thread running throughout each room is vital, whether that be a soft blue or a woodwork colour - this helps to create a natural feeling of harmony and flow throughout the house.

Our role at Sims Hilditch is to ensure that we use our skills to make a home comfortable, and perfectly tailored to meet each person’s needs. We make it a priority to understand how our clients like to live, whether they be avid entertainers of guests, a large family who find value in spending time together, or something else entirely, we aim to use this knowledge to create a beautiful and functional house which provides pleasure and comfort.

Oxfordshire Home Kitchen Design

5. Storytelling can transport the listener and, when in a space, interior design can do the same. An effective space can allow those inhabiting it to feel and see things differently. can you share how Interior Decoration can transform a client's home to make for better living?

A home should feel familiar, but each room should provide a new sense of purpose. For example, a study should be designed as a comfortable and relaxing space, but it should also be fit for business needs. A kitchen should be functional and practical, so cooking supper doesn’t feel like a chore. A snug should feel cosy, like a place you want to hunker down to relax. In essence, each room has a purpose and our minds should subconsciously switch to each corresponding mood when we move from one to the other. Our job is to make that seamless.

Family Home Sitting Room