The Ana Collection

The Ana Collection is a set of handpainted wall tiles which feature a refined, elegant design inspired by the Mediterranean's rich ceramic heritage.  

The Story

Marlborough Tiles is known for its high-quality tiles which are made using traditional and artisanal methods, which create beautifully finished designs. 

We at Sims Hilditch are privileged to have a long-standing relationship with Marlborough Tiles and have specified their products on many occasions for our clients. The idea for the Ana tile was born after a trip to the Amalfi Coast undertaken by our Founder and Creative Director Emma Sims-Hilditch and Marlborough Tiles' Managing Director Jamie Robb. They were inspired by the abundance of vibrant tiles that can be found throughout Anacapri and resolved to create something similar which would work well not just in the Mediterranean - but in the UK.

We worked with the artisans at Marlborough Tiles to create a soft palette of five colours that would work well in the UK's northern light. These include Powder Blue, Amber, Burnt Orange, Charcoal and Thyme. The subtlety of these shades means that they look great in a range of spaces within the home. 

“From floor tiles to wall tiles, for the kitchen and the bathroom, the Ana range is full of subtle, sophisticated colours.”

Detail4 (1)

The Ana Tile in Powder Blue

Ana Powder Blue

Windowsill (1)

The Ana Tile in Amber

Ana Amber

Vase (1)

The Ana Tile in Thyme

Ana Thyme

Agaportrait (1)

The Ana Tile in Charcoal

Ana Charcoal

Flowers (1)

The Ana Tile in Burnt Orange

Ana Burnt Orange

The Making Process

Marlborough Tiles uses a traditional technique called the 'Majolica' method to make their tiles, which requires their artists to train for months to perfect this method of freehand painting. Glaze colours are expertly mixed from a selection of more than fifty pigments and stains to create the exact nuances of shade they are looking for. The design is painted directly onto the unfired glaze of each tile, which makes an enormous difference to the end product because the base glaze and the artist’s work are fired at the same time. This technique not only better integrates layers of colour, but also adds to the fluidity and intensity of the artist’s brush strokes.

We are delighted to have produced such a versatile collection with Marlborough Tiles. Not only does the Ana look great on walls, but it can be used on table-tops, shelves, as a vanity topper or backspalsh. The Ana is now available on the Marlborough Tiles website