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New Forest Manor

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Situated at the end of a long tree lined driveway, this beautiful home is a fine example of late Victorian architecture.

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For our clients who were searching for a little piece of nature outside London, it was the perfect woodland escape. As our clients had been living in the house for a while, we worked closely with them to discover how the layout could be adapted to better suit their lifestyle.

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On the ground floor, this meant re-configuring a seldom-used dining room into a gracious stair hall. The kitchen was transformed to include an open-plan dining area and the bespoke cabinetry also conceals a clandestine office space.

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The design scheme is a fresh take on English countryside style, with a palette of off whites and dove greys forming a calming backdrop for dramatic splashes of navy blue and teal. Bespoke pieces were especially crafted to sit alongside our clients’ collection of art, antiques and lovingly collected furniture.

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