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Italy is one of mine and my family’s all-time favourite places. Tuscany is the region that we frequent the most, but not so long ago we decided to go back to Capri, the little island in the Bay of Naples. It’s where we discovered the simply divine hotel that is J.K.Place.

An overview

This dreamy white hotel overlooks the most serene expanse of ocean. Everything is truly immaculate, from the smoothed-out stonework and the lush green grounds to the refreshing striped cotton uniforms that each staff member proudly wears.

In terms of location, it’s perfectly positioned: far enough away from the hustle and bustle so you can hear the waves lapping, but close enough to the centre of Capri so it’s not an inconvenience to explore this cosmopolitan southern city.

The design

Luxury is one of the first words that sprang to my mind. But not luxury in an ostentatious way. Nothing about J.K. Place feels gaudy or overdone, quite the opposite. It feels grown-up, composed and confident.

In terms of style influences, there are many that can be identified as you roam from room to room. The freshness of New England, the grandeur of Graeco-Roman architecture, the boldness of Art Deco, and the chicness of contemporary coastal living, are to name but a few. But what J.K. Place does so well is to borrow very select aspects from these movements and then brings them together in a way that quite simply, wows.

Two of the design philosophies to which J.K. Place clearly follows is that of symmetry and that of colour. As soon as you enter the marble, chess-board floored lobby area you’re greeted by symmetry: a sleek black animal sculpture, perfectly mirrored on your other side. That notion of balance continues in ways large and small, such as armchairs in pairs sat at the same angle, with the cushions on their seats taking the exact same approach. Sinks and towels sit in pairs too and displays of intriguing hardback literature is fanned out in a strikingly symmetrical layout on coffee and console tables throughout the establishment. 

As for colour, it almost dazzles you. Not dazzle in a bad way, far from it. J.K. Place uses colour with such conviction and such dynamism that you feel your mood lifting, because so few places make the most of what our colour spectrum can do for our interiors and our mindsets. Downstairs there are walls in bright navy, but also in sage green and soft grey. The bedrooms however are a little more brave, offering bright turquoise and coral, cornflower blue and vintage peach, and one room even teams lemon with sunshine yellow textiles. The walnut floors and period-style features prevent the palette from running away with itself though; they make sure refinement is felt in every square inch of wall and floor space.

A room to remember

Choosing one room is never easy, but I really did adore the downstairs lounge. The walls are deep navy with some Victorian-esque panelling in white and there are some gorgeous faded photography within gilt frames. The seating is wisely upholstered in cream so the overall look still feels slightly muted, but then it’s reawakened with these fabulously punchy cushions in shocking pink and cobalt blue with look-at-me prints covering them too. It wasn’t something I was expecting to see at all, but I think that’s what made me love this room even more. And the glazed French doors and billowing curtains that open onto the sun-drenched decking area overlooking the glistening Tyrrhenian Sea certainly help too.

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