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We are thrilled to be collaborating with GP&J Baker to design their ‘Curated Space’ at London Design Week 2020.

Sims Hilditch Curated Space for GP J Baker

The design centres around the archive ‘hydrangea bird’ fabric which we first saw when we visited Ann Grafton and the team at GP&J Baker. The colour palette that has been recreated in this amazing collection was a difficult choice – we were torn between two colourways but ultimately felt that the green brought a sense of optimism which reminded us of Spring. To celebrate the launch of the Spring collection, we chose a colour palette including rich emerald greens and calming teals which works beautifully for a country house bedroom.

Sims Hilditch for GPJ Baker Using Hydrangea Bird Fabric at Design Week
Sims Hilditch for GPJ Baker Collaboration

We love to decorate our bedrooms in a way that is both elegant and restful, but this time we wanted to explore a new direction and follow the theme of the daring hydrangea bird fabric to take the design to a new level. We chose a bolder scheme influenced by contrasted colours and patterns. The curated space was then developed to include a statement half tester bed and shaped headboard which added drama.

The scheme evolved as we introduced a pair of Chelsea Textiles mid-century chest of drawers either side of the bed. We were delighted to hear about the launch of this new collection which features T-bar handles. This modern look works so well with a country house aesthetic as it brings the overall design up to date. We then visited the Vaughan showroom and spotted a pair of Handford vase lamps in a deep blue glaze which had a wonderful organic nature to them and would make a real statement beside the bed. With this strength of colour and contrast, we elected to calm the scheme by using the new GP&J herringbone wallpaper in a stony, neutral and off-white. We wanted to keep the scheme looking fresh with a sense of modernity alongside the traditional nature of the half tester bed.

Sims Hilditch for GPJ Baker Collaborative Curated Space Vaughan Lamps

We liked the idea of using a selection of small-scale prints, particularly the block prints which we chose for the lining of the curtains and a lampshade on the desk. This is what we love so much about GP&J – the fabrics are so flexible and can be used in so many different environments. We then looked at bringing in another texture through the desk or dressing table. A dressing table is the ultimate luxury in a country house or a city bedroom; for us, every sophisticated bedroom needs to have this piece of furniture whether it's a modern piece or an antique. Finally, we created a small seating area for added luxury as a place to sit and enjoy reading a book in front of the fire.

We would like to extend special thanks to all those who partnered with us on this projects to help make it such a success:

It was a real pleasure to work on this project with such a great team, we loved creating this unique and beautiful design, combining materials, mixing formality with informality and juxtaposing finishes along with multiple patterns to create a fun, contemporary scheme.

Sims Hilditch for GPJ Baker Classic Country Bedroom Curated Space