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There’s no doubt we all feel a little more ‘zen’ when our home is calm, clean and everything is in its right place. But scientists have taken the notion of ‘happy home, happy life’ a little further and it’s called neuroarchitecture.

Sims Hilditch Interior Design for a London Bedroom

Simply put, it’s the study of how our bodies and brains respond to the built environment. Centred around a set of guiding principles, neuro-architecture considers how a designed space can make your life simpler and in turn, more joyful; a concept that is at the heart of the Sims Hilditch ethos.

Sims Hilditch Mindful Interior Design for the Bootroom

Consider colour choices

At Sims Hilditch, when it comes to choosing colour schemes we create a harmonious theme whilst paying careful attention to the individual rooms and their unique requirements. We are particularly fond of using fresh, clean colours in a kitchen, such as green, which will tone in with fruits and vegetables that are often on show. For cosier rooms such as a basement snug or a cinema room, deep hues like red will create a relaxed and warm atmosphere, perfect for curling up and enjoying a film with family. Greens and blues are perfect for guest suites or children’s bedrooms, as they exude a calming, feminine air conducive to downtime and sleep.

Sims Hilditch Calming Colour Scheme for the Bathroom
Sims Hilditch Contemporary Interior Design for a London Loft

Engage the sense

It’s often the finishing touches that truly ‘make’ a room. We like to create visual balance and interest by layering up accessories in a considered way. Play with the idea of sensory depth by juxtaposing hard architectural finishes with textured fabrics, rugs and soft lighting. Experiment with the placement of artwork and objects, considering the room as a canvas and your accessories as the brushstrokes; they should feel seamless and unobtrusive.

Sims Hilditch Contemporary Country Interior Design

Less is more

For the easiest way to exude calm and tranquillity, keep in mind the mantra ‘less is more’. We want to create spaces where the clutter of life can easily be packed away. Homes should feel comfortable, personal and lived-in but without feeling overdone and messy. Most importantly, we believe that a home should feel like a luxurious haven of comfort and content. We begin every project with a fresh eye and an open mind, working closely with our clients to deliver a home that surpasses all expectations.

Sims Hilditch Simple Yet Stylish Interior Design for a London Loft