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It’s so simple, we often aren’t even aware of it. When we reminisce on a moment or a memory, the mental images we paint are so often led by light; remembering the brightness of blue skies on a family holiday, or a cosy Christmas in our pyjamas, lit by the glow of a roaring fire.

Sims Hilditch Malvern Family Home

The beauty of lighting is its ability to cast a mood and communicate a feeling within a space. It is for this reason that lighting is so integral to Sims Hilditch. For us, lighting is not merely functional, more importantly it’s a vital part of creating atmosphere and transforming a house into a home.

Sims Hilditch Natural Lighting for Country Homes
Sims Hilditch Interior Design Window Dressing for the Bathroom

Be inspired by the space

When choosing lighting for the home, we start with the space itself. Perhaps it’s a period property, with traditional window layouts, or perhaps a vast open-plan space that allows the sun to flood in. At what time of day will the room get most light? And what times of day will the room be in use? It is all these considerations and more that start off the lighting process. Our interior architects might recommend reconfiguring a space to change the whole ambience. For example, clever use of architectural lighting produces pools of light and shadow which will complement the overall aesthetic of the interior.

Sims Hilditch Interior Design Lighting Solutions for the Sitting Room

Creative window dressings

The possibilities are endless when it comes to dressing windows. First, we begin by ascertaining what our client is trying to achieve. Is it purely function, such as creating a blackout atmosphere in a nursery? If so, a Roman blind will not suffice, as it will let light bleed in. Curtains are where our creative juices really flow and provide a multitude of decorative dressing opportunities. We like to add a set of sheer linen curtains behind the main curtains, which can be drawn to allow privacy whilst softening the light on a very bright day.

Window Dressing for a Country Home by Sims Hilditch Interior Design

Play with proportions

When considering lighting for a room, we ensure there is a combination of different types. These not only build the atmosphere of a room but provide varying options depending on the time of the day. Breakfast time around the table might lend itself to floods of natural light, which can help regulate our circadian rhythm. Come evening time, we might want to lower the light level and enjoy dinner parties lit by a muted glow. We always look to use ambient general lighting to provide background light, and then consider feature lighting. These light fittings add interest to a room, whether that’s decorative or scale wise. To make an impact, we adore the Vaughan Compiegne Leaf Chandelier and large-scale globes over a kitchen island. The result is a stunning sense of drama; we always challenge ourselves to think big.

Sims Hilditch Lighting Solutions for the Kitchen