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Why hire somebody to design your kitchen?

It’s a good question – and one that was put to me during a recent interview by a visiting film crew from House & Garden magazine. The question was particularly relevant as we were sitting in my own kitchen whilst chatting about interior design for a new mini video feature soon to launch on House & Garden’s website.

So, how did I answer? Well, I promised not to give too much away before the video goes live but I can say that as more people dispense with formality and embrace open plan living so the kitchen is becoming more than just a functional space. In fact, the kitchen is now a core part of where we choose to spend time with friends and family. More so than ever before, this now means one has to plan how to integrate the kitchen into the living area.

The benefit of hiring a designer is that he or she is trained to see the bigger picture while also being able to home in on those little details that make all the difference. A good designer will be abreast of latest technologies, trends and developments in their industry, which really helps when whittling down the seemingly endless choices one needs to make.

One of the details a designer will take into account is lighting. In my own kitchen, I have lighting control with four settings; morning, which gives good light, especially on gloomy winter mornings; midday, which is an energy saving setting; early evening, which casts bright light over the cooking area while meals are prepared, and lastly, a dinner setting, which is more atmospheric.

Talking about atmosphere, another way to create different moods is simply by decorating for the seasons. A designer will leave you with “good bones” which you can adapt –  whether that be refreshing a piece of furniture by painting it a different colour or simply bringing flowers in from the garden.

On that note, I’ll leave you to your own seasonal inspiration. Keep an eye on our journal for a link to the finished House & Garden feature.

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