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Marlborough Tiles have created a hand painted tile collection after Emma Sims-Hilditch. It all began on a sailing boat, where Emma met their MD Jamie Robb.

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Over the years the families got to know each other through their passion for the sport and discovered their creative synergies. After Emma visited the workshop, the idea was born to collaborate on a collection of tiles reminiscent of floral wallpaper designs. Patterned tiles are a great way to add unique character to a room. To create the collection, hand paint artists started by sketching different leaf and flower designs. It was key to ensure all the details were just right so the design didn't look too fussy or repetitive.

Once the design was approved, a crackle glaze was chosen to complement the delicate patterns. This type of glaze is carefully created to cool at a different rate to the tile body after firing. As the glaze cools, a network of fine cracks appear through a process known as crazing. Each tile is hand stained to enhance the vintage look.

Emma Flax Blue Square by Marlborough Tiles

Emma Flax Blue Pattern Square

Emma Flax Blue Brick Design by Marlborough Tiles

Emma Flax Blue Brick

Emma Flax Blue Taco Design by Marlborough Tiles

Emma Flax Blue Taco

Emma Flax Blue Plain by Marlborough Tiles

Emma Flax Blue Plain

The result is a collection that is pretty, fresh and utterly contemporary. To view the collection, click here.