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Another month has flown by - one which saw us participating in the HOUSE Fair in London where I gave a talk about "the Honest Home". One of the tips I mentioned was to use mirrors to enhance the feeling of light and space in a room so I thought I would share some mirror inspired design tips with you all today.

It seems simple enough to buy a mirror and pop it on the wall, however, there are actually quite a few style considerations to take into account. For example, mirrors without frames appear more slick, which is a great look for a contemporary city apartment but not quite right for a traditional country home. On the other hand, ornately framed mirrors can become decorative objects in themselves so unless you have a clear idea of the mood you are trying to create, you can end up with a mirror dominating rather than enhancing a scheme.

In the above photos, we have used mirrors as decorative objects to create focal points in each space. I love sunburst mirrors but be sure to get the scale right! Larger spaces can handle a more dramatic statement, while smaller mirrors can create beautiful compositions when paired with furniture and other decorations. The eye is always looking for contrast - which is why mirrors which are oval or round in shape seem so visually appealing when viewed amongst all the straight lines in a room.

Bear in mind that mirrors don't only have to go on walls. Mirrored surfaces on console tables, side tables and cabinetry bring a touch of elegance to a room. The key here is to pay attention to the edging - polished or bevelled edges appear cool and contemporary while gilt edges inject a touch of warmth.

In my own home, I've used mirrors quite informally in our entrance hall and in our sitting room by leaning them against the wall rather than hanging them. Our home is a converted barn so the high ceilings can make the space feel quite lofty and I find that in this scenario mirrors can act as an anchor. I especially love playing around with different combinations of objects on the console table on the hallway - plants and flowers look especially abundant when reflected. That's all for this week but please do keep in touch with me on Twitter or Instagram.


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