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Just like a painter would visualise the finished composition before he begins painting, we consider the styling of a space from the very start of the design process.

Sims Hilditch Regent's Park Townhouse Interior Design

Once we have chosen furniture, we begin to think about accessories. A large bookcase or display cabinet only truly comes to life once it has been styled; just like a coffee table or ottoman feels truly ‘part of the furniture’ once books and a floral display has been added. Never has the old adage been more true; the devil is in the detail!

Sims Hilditch Bedroom Furniture Design

Where to find inspiration

Travel is the richest source of inspiration, whether it’s visiting new countries, staying in design hotels or simply stepping out into a beautifully landscape garden. Another great starting point is to visit country houses which open to the public; be inspired by the collections, as the evolution of this is an art in itself. Collections can be so much more than fine art or precious antiques, the more personal the better. It could be an array of straw hats collected over the years or a set of antique glasses in a dining room handed down through the generations. Think about your overall aesthetic before you start sourcing from scratch and make use of Pinterest for building virtual collages of ideas. Scour antique markets, delve into books, magazines, art and photography and be curious!

Sims Hilditch Interior Design Antique Furniture
Sims Hilditch Hotel Bedroom Furniture Design

Be led by your lifestyle

We always consider our clients unique requirements when styling a home; the space should be personal and bespoke above all else. When looking at a child’s bedroom or nursery, it can be fun to incorporate antique toys, old books or interesting light. On the contrast, in a drawing room we may source special glass objects, unusual candles, over-scaled pottery and interesting books. Think of the space as a blank canvas and layer colour, light and shape. Styling is dependent on the room, but fresh foliage is always a good idea. Eucalyptus is an amazing plant as it will stay green for weeks and looks equally as good once it begins to dry out.

Sims Hilditch Garden House Dining Room Furniture Design

"We always consider our clients unique requirements when styling a home."

Emma Sims Hilditch

Where to source accessories

Every item needn’t be a costly purchase. The most fascinating objects can be found in the most unexpected places; visit antique markets and second-hand shops in search of hidden gems. Kempton Market is one of our personal favourite places to source items, especially books.

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