Design | Feeling moody - selecting perfect fabrics for an interior design scheme

Selecting the right fabrics is one of the most important skills in interior design. Pieces of furniture create the foundation of the design scheme and can help define the structure of the room, however, it is the upholstery and complementary soft furnishings like throws, cushions and window treatments which give the space its “feeling”.

Natural fabrics are in a league of their own in this regard. From the cosiness of wool to the depth of woven linens and the light-loving qualities of velvet and silk, this is where a home’s character is defined. Whether that character is described as “warm”, “soft”, “rustic” or “elegant” depends on a multitude of choices to combine textures and hues into a harmonious whole. The image below shows one of my all time favourite rooms which we designed for a client who wanted a relaxed yet elegant look. The colour palette is a subtle variation on a neutral theme, which is why layering different textures makes all the difference in bringing the room to life.

There are more images of the above design scheme on our projects page so please do continue to browse for further inspiration.

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