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The term ‘sustainability’ is now an integral part of our daily dialogue. Whether it’s the food we buy, the clothes we wear or the packaging we avoid, we’re increasingly concerned with our own impact on our environment. So how can we incorporate this into our homes? 

At Sims Hilditch, we design with sustainability at the forefront of our mind. In designing a truly timeless home, we champion materials that are built to last, from both an ecological and aesthetic point of view.  

Choose natural, high-quality materials.

Beautiful, natural materials are integral to our design ethos. By incorporating natural wood into the structure of a room, we can play with depth, dimension and of course, complement the original features of an old property. Oak is a robust and truly timeless material for making furniture, flooring and panelling, and it only gets better over time. We love walnut for its warmth and mahogany for its depth and richness. When it comes to furnishings, natural fabrics are always our first choice. Emma loves William Yeoward’s ‘Jepara Dune’, a soft linen detailed with delicate embroidery and soft, bluesy tones. ‘Beidi Stone’, GP & J Baker’s heavy linen is another favourite, ideal for curtains or roman blinds thanks to its neutral base and organic pattern. 

Incorporate timeless furniture.

For us, sustainability means designing a home to last. Whether a home sits in the midst of rolling countryside or in the heart of a bustling town, we want to ensure the space is in harmony with its surroundings.  Opt for key pieces of furniture crafted from high-quality natural materials that don’t date. These pieces have timeless charm that informs the classic country style we’re known for. 

So whether it’s investing in materials sourced from nature or seeking out furniture that’s built to last, designing sustainable interiors requires time, consideration and effort. The result? A space that feels refreshingly timeless and leaves a positive footprint on our environment.

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