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If we were to pick one word that summed up our approach to design, it would be ‘bespoke’. We take on each project with a fresh eye with the aim of creating a home that is perfectly suited to our clients. For us, the beauty of working so closely with our clients is the insight we gain into their unique lifestyle requirements and style preferences. A key part of our service is bespoke joinery, whether that’s a made-to-measure bookcase, one-off kitchen or specific storage niche. Our point of difference is our unrivalled contacts in the industry, who make up some of the most revered artisans and craftspeople in the UK.  

Embrace the character of different materials.

We are all about timeless style. When it comes to furniture, flooring and panelling, we love to work with Oak. This beautiful material only improves with age, taking on an exquisite patina as the years go by. Douglas Fir works well as beams. It’s endlessly versatile too and can be whitewashed for a softer look or even sandblasted for a more rustic, rough texture. For joinery that will eventually be painted, we favour tulip wood.

Function meets style.

The first step in our design process is ascertaining exactly what our client wants from the space and how the design will slot into it. We begin with looking closely at the brief for the room and consider how bespoke joinery or furniture will improve their lifestyles. Whether it’s a seamless storage unit or alternatively, a statement piece that draws focus, the first question is dimensions. Not only do we need this on a practical level, but it also helps the client understand how the piece will suit the rest of the room. 

Unrivalled artisan skill.

Once we ascertain the design brief from our client, it’s over to our designers who will deliver a comprehensive proposal for the furniture or joinery. We then work closely with specialist artisans, mostly from the UK, to produce the piece to an impeccable standard. Any fabric, hardware or final touches are supplied. At the end we have a truly bespoke piece that transforms the house into an entirely unique home. 

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