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One of the biggest inspirations in my life is my family. After a wonderful Easter break together, we've created lots more happy memories - and, of course, more photographs!

Knowing what to do with all these treasured pictures can be tricky as one doesn't just want to leave them in a digital format never to be seen again. The simplest thing to do is display framed pics on shelves and mantlepieces but, for those who are up for the challenge, there is a more striking option: the photo wall.

I recently designed one in my own home as a gift for my husband's birthday. It was something of a trip down memory lane and part of the fun was remembering the favourite moments we've spent together (which you can see below).

If you would like to have a go at designing your own photo wall, my advice is to start with deciding where you want to hang the display as this will determine how many photos you can have. Hallways offer the perfect blank canvas and a reasonable amount of space to work with.

Create a short list of your favourite snaps and let this be your inspiration. There are no hard and fast rules when it comes to colour and size. That said, it does take an experienced eye to create eclectic displays so opt for a monochromatic scheme if you are after a simpler project. You may need to draft in the services of a photography lab to resize and re-colour your photographs if you can't do this at home.

When it comes to hanging the display, try arranging the frames on the floor to get a feel for what works. Another method is to cut pieces of newspaper or brown paper to the same size as the framed pictures and use these to figure out the arrangement in situ before hammering any nails into the wall. There are lots of layouts available online which are great for inspiration and building confidence.

I would love to see any photo walls you have created so do share with me on Twitter or Instagram.


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