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At Sims Hilditch, we believe that any home can feel warm and lived-in, regardless of age or heritage.

Sims Hilditch Interior Design Wiltshire Headquarters

Adding warmth and character

Through soft furnishings, bespoke joinery and carefully curated colour palettes, we believe that a new build property can feel just as inviting as a heritage property. With new builds, it’s vital we carefully consider the ambience of each room and ensure we add interest through the hard finishes. Without dedicated attention, a new build can often feel cold and unfriendly, ultimately lacking the warmth of an older building. While you may not find natural character in a new build, it can be easily emulated. Stone or timber flooring is a wonderful way to transform a blank space, while using panelling or high-quality paper on the walls will immediately evoke character and warmth.

Sims Hilditch Interior Design High Quality Wallpaper

"Without dedicated attention, a new build can often feel cold and unfriendly, ultimately lacking the warmth of an older building"

Emma Sims Hilditch

From countryside to city

Our founder Emma believes that there’s no reason why classic country style can’t work in an urban environment. Many of our clients specifically ask that their city home reflect country living; whether it’s a farmhouse-style kitchen or cosy lounge complete with wood burner, it’s entirely up to the owner to decide on their chosen aesthetic.

Sims Hilditch Parsons Green Townhouse Kitchen Design

Look beneath the surface to add interest

One of the simplest ways of transforming a new build is to incorporate rough timber planking into the design. Used on walls and ceilings, it’s an inexpensive and highly effective way of creating character; you can source such boarding through Neptune. Once the house is constructed, our designers focus on high-quality furnishings to inject the space with soul. Whether it’s rare antiques sourced from Europe or characterful, contemporary furniture, each piece is carefully considered to help create a natural flow throughout the entire home.

The Garden House Interior Design by Sims Hilditch