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My husband, John, and I had long been considering a home in London. We both spend time there for work and we have friends and family who we would love to see more frequently. This combined with my wish to present a genuine depiction of a London home to my clients, lead us to purchase a Victorian terrace in London’s Parsons Green. 18 months ago we began renovation work.

Initially, we had envisaged decoration work alone. When we began to consider the design however, we could not ignore the fact that our hearts and our heads longed to make the property all that it could be. 

One of the principal elements of the interior design was about reintroducing the traditional details that had sadly been lost over time. We therefore installed fireplaces in three of the rooms and chose a classic but relatively simple cornice which really smartened up the rooms without being ornate or fussy. I sought to achieve a middle ground between heritage and contemporary through clever architectural detailing throughout.

Timber and stone flooring – matte flagstones and grey-washed oak – is used alongside Crittall screens that are repeated on each storey. It is very important to define a palette of materials and to repeat them to avoid them feeling like random and singular thoughts. Crittall is continued from the basement cinema to the bathrooms and onto the courtyard kitchen garden. I also incorporated a vertical timber wall panelling that we haven’t used before, it has four different widths that repeat, which feels quite contemporary.

I suppose, if I were to define the style of this home, I might say it is a fresh take on city living embracing all the best bits of the country. It is quite hard to encapsulate. In essence, I hoped to take the bones of the classic Sims Hilditch aesthetic and give it a twist. Amongst my signature, calming environment lies bolder colours, textured wallpapers and more pattern that I would ordinarily use. 

I truly hope that anybody who comes by will enjoy what we have created.

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