The Sims Hilditch

Over the past decade, Sims Hilditch has become synonymous with an English living aesthetic, inspired by the Great British countryside and imagined with a fresh eye. Working with clients across the globe, we take a holistic approach to every project, inspired by the story of both the building and its surroundings, resulting in a truly timeless home, imbued with enduring elegance and charm. We are experts in art and antiques, using our unrivalled knowledge to select pieces that work in harmony with a living space. Each project is highly bespoke to client, location and architecture, creating a home that surpasses all expectations.  

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Emma Sims Hilditch

“We believe true luxury is about quality of life, embracing the beauty of everyday living and allowing inspiration to flow from our surroundings."

Our founder and Creative Director, Emma Sims-Hilditch has built the studio from a one-woman cottage industry to an expanding team of 20-plus, with headquarters in Wiltshire and outpost in the heart of London.

The great grand-daughter of a Royal Academician painter and daughter of an interior decorator, Emma grew up in a world of art, architecture and design. After taking a business degree, she embarked on a career in film production with Ridley Scott. Juggling film crews, locations and sets, she honed the organisational skills that underpin the Sims Hilditch business. A creative at heart, she began her interiors journey at her kitchen table, making curtains and other soft furnishings while bringing up three children. Before long, she found herself being asked to take on full-scale interior design projects. In 2009, she formally launched Sims Hilditch, offering the combined skills of interior architecture, interior design and project management in one place.

The Team

At Sims Hilditch, we are led by our client; we consider them an integral part of our team during the project. The result? Truly bespoke interiors that are highly personal and unique.

Emma heads up our studio, personally signing off every project, but on a day-to-day basis, our clients deal directly with their appointed interior designer and personal project manager. Our structure is inspired by left brain/right brain thinking – the left is the accuracy, foresight and organisation that allows a project to run smoothly. The right is our distinctive creative drive that brings the flair and spirit. This unison of both approaches marks us out from the rest and is the reason we often end up working with clients on multiple projects. Our belief is that each and every project should be driven by the client’s journey, ensuring the process is enjoyable, effortless and inspiring. 

The White Hart

It’s only right our own home should mirror our ethos, vision and signature style. Located in the heart of the countryside, just 5 miles from the city of Bath, The White Hart is a grade 2 listed building, steeped in history. After falling into neglect, we set about a complete renovation in 2013, respecting and preserving the heritage while transforming the internal space into a contemporary design studio that encapsulates our aesthetic. Everything in the studio is the result of our comprehensive from-the-ground-up redesign; the very same process we undertake with our clients. From lighting and flooring to furniture, fabrics and accessories, The White Hart epitomises the Sims Hilditch style.

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