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Sourcing Artwork for the Home

As a multi-disciplinary interior design practice, our work includes everything from structural renovations and interior architecture to fabric and styling decisions, and more often than not, sourcing and incorporating artwork into a design concept.

Whether our clients are already avid collectors or are looking to start from scratch, we are always thrilled when artwork forms part of the project. With a wealth of experts, dealers and sources at our fingertips, we know how important art can be in defining the mood and overall ambience of a space, not to mention the emotional impact it can have on our clients and their home.

How to choose artwork

Above all else, an art collection is about telling a story. We don’t believe that specific artwork or paintings will date; in fact, quite the opposite. If a piece of art carries with it meaning and a story behind it, then it should be displayed in your home. It may embody happy memories, feature depictions of people close to your heart or simple bring joy every time you look at it. With this in mind, we say be led by your heart, and not what is en vogue at the time.

How to incorporate artwork into your home

Often, clients will come to us with a beautiful existing art collection. This many only comprise two or three pieces but it can often start the creative process both in choosing the colour scheme of a room and also the general aesthetic. We love to mix modern art with antique furniture and this has become somewhat of a signature in our work. It takes a little confidence initially to blend the two, but it has truly stunning results.

Often, clients come to us with a beautiful existing art collection.

Emma Sims-Hilditch

Where to source artwork

Our founder Emma is an avid art collector and loves to explore antique markets in both the countryside and the city where a vast array of art can be found. Emma is passionate about supporting young, emerging artists, including her daughter Daisy whose work is a regular feature in many of our projects. Don’t be put off by feeling daunted by cost when it comes to collecting art, there are many ways to find gorgeous pieces at attainable prices.

  • The Affordable Art Fair holds events across the country and is brilliant for sourcing unusual pieces.
  • Antique markets such as Kempton at Sunbury Racecourse are a great resource, but be prepared to haggle and don’t forget to bring cash!
  • Don’t forget your local art gallery. They regularly have exhibitions profiling emerging artists.