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Five Design Ideas for London Homes

While we may be best known for our Cotswolds countryside properties, the Sims Hilditch team have worked on homes all over the country, and some of our most memorable projects have been in the capital city.

Soften with textures and fabrics

Whether we’re working on a cosy rural cottage or an industrial loft, we’re driven by intelligent design; the ‘why’ is as important as the ‘what’. Influenced by some of our favourite city projects, we’ve selected five design ideas to inspire your own redecoration projects. Upholstery is a wonderful way of communicating a mood in a home. While rustic country properties might feature heavy draped curtains and soft wools, city homes are often suited to a crisper, tailored upholstery. We are particularly fond of velvet in our city projects. Whether on cushions or an upholstered sofa, velvet longs to be lounged on. Soft velvet imbues the space with a feeling of luxury and adds a contemporary twist when used in striking shades of mustard yellow or vibrant teal.

Use wall panelling

Wall panelling is a design feature that perfectly balances the line between heritage and contemporary. Used in countryside homes it feels classic and elegant; used in the city, it feels just as sleek but also somewhat unexpected. Using vertical panelling in varying widths adds visual interest and texture to neutral colour schemes.

Wall panelling is a design feature that perfectly balances the line between heritage and contemporary.

Emma Sims-Hilditch

Utilise clever storage

More often than not, a city home will have less space than a country abode, meaning storage space can be limited. Utilise the skills of a joiner to create bespoke cupboards and clever shelving that works to suit your lifestyle. Even the narrowest of spaces can be used when intelligently constructed; think of pull-out spice racks, or bi-folding kitchen cupboard doors.

Embrace mid-century design

The clean lines, timeless aesthetic and simple silhouettes of mid-century furniture are perfect for city homes. Where a palatial country home may lend itself to a deep, sumptuous sofa, a more compact apartment or townhouse will feel less cluttered with a pared-back design style. Don’t be afraid to mix old and new. Whether it’s an angular lamp placed on a Georgian dresser, or an Ercol sofa alongside a wingback chair, these are the unique details that add charm and spirit to a home.

Be inspired by country style

Elements of classic country style can take on new life when incorporated into city design projects. Natural stone flooring and rustic timber boards are often associated with a country look, but work beautifully in city townhouses. Play with pattern and texture for an unexpected twist; hand-blocked botanical wallpaper feels fresh and soulful in an urban space.